Online Casinos in New Jersey

We take an in-depth look at the best online casinos in New Jersey, which has more than twenty online casinos as well as Poker sites.  It boasts the largest market for regulated online gambling in the USA. Nevada had monopolized legal sports betting for years, that is until this state won a lawsuit that legalized it within its state lines. Today, there is an ever-growing list of NJ casinosand more are poised to join the market. Each of the NJ online casinos has been cleared to operate by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) which also regulates the games. With so many casinos operating in the state, players can always look forward to alluring promos, as each online casino seeks to outdo the others. The legal requirements for running a casino here differs from most of the other states. For a casino to get a license, then it must be tied to either one of the physical casinos within the state. It is easy to find an offshore online casino yet it does not have a physical (land-based) casino premises in Atlantic City. However, most of the land-based casinos do have online sites and they constantly appear in the list of NJ casinos. Before NJ online casinos, there were numerous land casinos, although legally, within the state, they can only operate within Atlantic City. Below, we showcase how you can easily register or sign up to participate in online gambling in New Jersey to land some exciting wins.

Best Online Casinos in New Jersey

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Available for players physically located in:

new jersey state

Registration / Sign up

This is always the first step to winning at any of the best online casinos in New Jersey. Once you register, you can then access the NJ online casinos and play for wins at any time. It is a free process and you do not have to pay any fee to facilitate the completion of this process. As it is the case with most online casinos, once you complete the registration process, then you can even access the promos. Not only that, but most of the games have a free play feature where you don’t have to pay a cent to experience some of the highly-rated game titles. One advantage of this is that you get to understand the game rules, especially in the event it is new to you. Plus you also get to practice and score some wins even though there is no pay. However, a key reason for registering is that you need to provide your credentials, subject to verification. Because of the numerous laws attached to online gambling in New Jersey, the casinos must verify that no underage gamblers wager on their premises. Subjecting minors to online gaming is a serious offense, and the license of the involved casino can instantly be revoked by the relevant authorities. The legal age allowed for online gambling in New Jersey is 21 years. Once you register, you can claim some of the goodies, such as the rewarding bonuses which are available for any newly registered player. The Welcome Bonus, No Deposit Welcome Bonus, and the Free Spins are all optional. 

When registering, you need to provide a couple of details before the support team at the casino grants you access. You first and foremost need to provide your name, email address, and date of birth, before selecting a suitable password. This is always done to ensure that hackers and malware do not infiltrate the system. In other words, it is a process to safeguard both you and other registered players. Your email address must be verified by the relevant provider, because, once you finish the sign-up, a verification code is sent here. When you land your first win and wish to make a withdrawal, then the casino needs to verify your identity to ensure that it does not pay out the monies to strangers/hackers. So, it is essential to provide truthful and verifiable information during this short exercise. It is also possible to use a mobile device, particularly if you have installed the official app of the casino of your choice. 

There are enticing promos available in NJ online casinos which are mostly in the form of special deposit match bonuses, otherwise, known as Welcome bonuses. In this offer, the casino matches your initial deposit, by a specific percentage up to a certain amount. On the list of NJ casinos, most establishments cap the minimum at 100% while the maximum is usually 200% although some may be as high as 225%. If you, for instance, deposit $80 at a 100% match up, then it means that you have $160 to start with. At times, the deal involves free spins which you can use only on listed slots. You need to go through the terms and conditions fine print beforehand. Another emerging trend among the list of NJ casinos is the No Deposit bonus scheme. When it comes to the No Deposit Bonus, players only sign up and start playing through the bonus. You can verify your credentials later, particularly while making a withdrawal at the cashier’s section.

Both the No Deposit Bonuses as well as the Welcome Bonuses are promos that are meant to new players. However, there are also loyalty rewards after you sign up, which are available to the existing players as well. After you finish the registration process at any NJ online casino, you can start claiming these amazing offers to score some wins at some of the best online casinos in New Jersey


Before, at NJ online casinos, players could only get to choose from just a few of the deposit and withdrawal methods. Because of the technological developments in the finance world, there is a myriad of options that are available to use while indulging in online gambling in New Jersey. Below you will find some of the most widely used ways to deposit and withdraw at New Jersey online casinos.

Prepaid Cards

A large portion of the casinos in New Jersey have their prepaid cards. You only have to register at a particular casino which offers this as a payment option. Once you authenticate your personal information, then you can go ahead and fund your casino account. A perk of having this as a payment option is that you can also use this card at an ATM.


It is considered to be one of the most common payment methods available in the world today. Most NJ online casinos support it as a form of payment for both withdrawals as well as deposits. A deposit made via a Visa payment is instant while withdrawals can take just a few minutes. Several establishments on the list of NJ casinos utilize this method.


It is more or less regarded as an alternative to both PayPal and Neteller. Most players prefer it because it charges fewer fees and gives you the option of using a cash card which you need to apply to make easy withdrawals.


This is one of the more popular payment methods around. For you to open an account, you must have an active email address which is verified. You can add funds via an easy process such as credit cards or alternatively, a bank transfer. This is a widely accepted mode of transacting online gambling in New Jersey.


It is an e-wallet payment option which considered to have a high rate of transaction success. A large portion of the list of NJ casinos trusts this as a payment method because it is secure. Most players prefer it because it is easy to set up and verify. Plus, they provide prepaid cards that you can use for ATM withdrawals. 


It certainly is the second most popular credit card brand in the world after Visa. You have to consult with a bank before to verify that they allow customers to transact online gambling. Most of the best online casinos in New jersey support this as a mode of payment.

Bank Transfer

This is undoubtedly the most secure payment option on the list. It is far less complex but it takes quite a while before the funds are credited to your player account. All in all, it is considered among the safest ways to make a transaction online. However, you cannot use it as a withdrawal method in any of the listed casinos.

Wire Transfer

It is considered as the slowest means of crediting your player account on this list. Funds can take up to 7 days before being credited to your casino account but nonetheless, it is also among the safest ways to transact online. 

ACH (eChecks)

In New Jersey, this is the option that is most recommended because it is considered to have the highest success rates when it comes to online transactions. All you need is an account number for your checking account complete with a routing number.

Legal Status

Some of the legal requirements for online gambling in New Jersey include:

  • There are primary licenses only awarded to Atlantic City casinos and so these casinos can share with online casinos
  • Every Atlantic City casino is only allowed to operate a maximum of 5 online casinos
  • Legal age is 21 years for players
  • Players must be physically located within the state while playing

Furthermore, it is clearly stated in the New Jersey gaming laws, that as a player, you must be within state lines. The casinos use geolocation software to ascertain that each player’s physical location is within the state.


More offshore casinos are seeking to operate within the state. Since one of the key requirements is that they partner with the land-based casinos, there is a high number of online establishments seeking to enter the market. There has been a surge in the number of players wagering in the best online casinos in New Jersey, which has prompted more investment in this sector. The state has been recording record-breaking annual revenues consistently which is positive for the local economy,

Connection With Land-based Casinos

There are several land-based casinos within New Jersey. They are affiliated with New Jersey online casinos because they share licenses. Plus, via the ‘cash at cage’ feature, they can accept cash deposits from players who wish to deposit money into their casino accounts. You can walk into any casino in Atlantic City and make an online deposit using the ‘cash at cage’ deposit method. All you need is to have is your account information, a photo ID, and cash. The cashier can then transact and deposit to your casino account. 

Legally, any online casino operating has to partner with a land-based casino, all of which are located in Atlantic City. As a result, some offshore casinos partner with those in Atlantic City to get approval to operate within the state. This means that physical casinos can partner with up to 5 unique online casino brands. 


How do I find the best online casinos in New Jersey?

You can do it on our website, We do have a top list with the best and most attractive gambling sites available for NJ Players.

What do I need to do to play?

If your legal age is 21 or above, you can just register and do your first deposit. After that, all the games and fun will be available for you to enjoy.

Is it hard to get started?

Not at all. We’ve calculated the average registration to deposit time is about five minutes. Meaning, you can start play soon.


New Jersey has seen an increase in revenue as a result of online gaming. This number will only increase with more casinos planning to launch operations here. So far, their casinos are top-notch and offer a wide array of games on their gaming roster. All in all, they are casinos that we would recommend